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As the mental health epidemic surges to new levels with Covid anxieties and social isolation, more and more people are realizing that their mental health disorders are rooted in trauma. Even everyday experiences such as growing up poor or experiencing racism can be traumatic. If you're constantly stressed or anxious, it's possible that you have PTSD without even realizing it.

So we break down what PTSD is & how we can recognize it, and offer 30 individual and collective ways to help you heal from trauma.
We've reviewed the latest research on  experimental psychedelic treatments like magic mushrooms and ketamine for disorders like depression and PTSD, while taking a little stroll down history lane. By promoting neuroplasticity, psychedelics tend to be effective for a range of problems - when used in the right way. Magic mushrooms are a magical treatment for depression, while MDMA is on its way to becoming FDA-approved for PTSD. Ketamine can provide a rapid resolution of depressive symptoms, but it also has its dark side. Plus, is it weird that companies are trying to profit off of tripping? And was Socrates on acid? That explains a lot.
We know, the news is depressing, and we're more depressed and anxious than ever. So we could use some good news. This short read offers 10 (free) ways to increase your happiness during the pandemic..